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Editing, Coaching, & Teaching

Lit Fest craft class at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. Photo: Amanda Tipton Photography

I have 25 years of experience teaching and coaching adult writers in creative writing at the college and postgraduate level. It's my mission to help you avoid the mistakes I made, often over and over! In a supportive and safe environment, I offer editing and coaching services to writers wishing to revise a book, work on a short story or essay, develop a story idea, and/or simply create a sustainable writing practice.

Short Story/Essay Analysis and Revision Plan

Have a short story or essay that isn't quite “right" yet? I can help you uncover the story's assets and liabilities, and find solutions to your narrative problems.

Novel/Memoir: First Pages + Outline—Analysis and Writing/Revision Plan

Many writers write the beginning of a novel/memoir, but encounter narrative obstacles/blocks when they try to move forward. No fear! Send me your first 5-50 pages and an outline for the rest, and we'll map a story path that creates its own momentum, both for you and for your reader.

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Novel/Memoir/Collection: Full Manuscript Analysis and Revision Plan

If you need more extensive help with a longer project, I provide a full manuscript analysis for writers who have completed a draft of a book and need feedback. Each manuscript analysis includes: 1.) a manuscript read and light markup, 2.) an extensive written report about the book's strengths and weakness, with suggested solutions for issues, and 3.) a one-on-one consultation.

One- or Two-Year Book Mentorship

I offer one- or two-year book mentorships to writers I have worked with before. In these mentorships, we follow a strict-yet-customized curriculum to help you achieve your book-writing goals. The curriculum for this mentorship is based on the mentorships I offer through the Lighthouse Writers Book Project. It is most suitable for writers who want close one-on-one mentoring but do not want/need a community-based program (such as the Book Project). We can customize this mentorship to closely fit your writing goals and needs.

Coaching Services

Either locally or via Skype/phone, I meet individually with writers who need help with:

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  • Writer's block and inspiration

  • Creating an efficient writing process

  • Story/idea development for short stories, essays, memoirs, or novels.

  • Overall education in story, narrative structure, or story design

  • Magazine and book publishing

Private Classes

I provide customized private craft and process writing classes for small groups, either locally or via Skype.

Retreats and Conferences

I teach fiction and nonfiction workshops and craft classes at domestic and international retreats and conferences.

Lighthouse Classes

I teach regularly at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, CO, and at Lighthouse North in Louisville, CO. For a list of upcoming Lighthouse classes, please click here.

Literary Gun for Hire

Have a need that's not listed above? Contact me and ask for help.

Please email all inquiries to erika (at) erikakrouse (dot) com. If you’re inquiring about one-on-one manuscript work, please also attach a writing sample of 2-5 pages. Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!

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